Your Universal Credit checklist

From the 13th June, new benefit claimants in the Scottish Borders will be asked to apply for Universal Credit. This is a one-off payment designed to replace a number of other benefits.

For now, only new claimants are affected – if you already get benefits, you don’t need to do anything until you hear from the Department of Work and Pensions about moving to Universal Credit, unless you have a change in circumstances.

To make your claim, you will need to be able to get online, and will need some pieces of information to hand.

Checklist – information to gather before you make your claim

  • Postcode
  • Your email address (you will need to administer your account online)
  • The type of accommodation that you live in (e.g. Housing Association property)
  • National Insurance number
  • Details of bank, building society, sort code and account number (you will need an account for the money to be paid into)
  • Landlord’s name and address
  • Details of rent and what is included in rent breakdown
  • Details of rent-free weeks
  • Details of any earnings
  • Details of any income not from work
  • Details of savings
  • Details of any other benefits that you receive

And don’t worry! Our experienced Financial Inclusion Team is on hand to help with any queries or concerns you may have.

Need help with getting online, or wondering what evidence of income and outgoings you might need to supply?

For this and any other queries, contact us on 01750 724444, or email

If you don’t have access to the internet at home, you can get online at your local library, job centre, Council Offices and at SBHA’s Head Office.

If you need to claim the Discretionary Housing Payment, you will need to claim this via Scottish Borders Council, as it is not covered by Universal Credit.