Your opportunities to get involved

As a Tenant in Scotland, you have a right to be have your say in your landlord’s decision-making process. At SBHA , we are committed to making this process as easy and inclusive as possible, with a whole range of ways for you to share your opinions with us.

Below are some of the ways in which you can do this.

  • Board of Management – is the Board that leads and directs us to achieve good outcomes for our Tenants and other service users.
  • Customer Board – is the Board that oversees the customer experience and monitors services and satisfaction.
  • Shareholding Membership – you can be considered to become a Shareholding Member of SBHA for a small fee of £1. Being a shareholder allows you to seek election to the Board or Customer Board.
  • Scottish Borders Tenants Organisation (SBTO) – is the consulting group of SBHA. Their remit is to seek, and take forward Tenants’ views in relation to SBHA’s policies and scrutiny to ensure best possible services.
  • Registered Tenants Organisation (RTO) – Tenants can set up a local group and become an RTO with SBHA to deal with local issues.
  • Scrutiny: Customer Audit Teams (CAT) – these are teams that check SBHA’s Service Standards. Report findings and any recommendations to SBHA’s Customer Board for consideration for improvement.
  • Tenant Representatives – you can become a “Representative” for your street or area when having improvement works carried out to your home. This allows Tenants, SBHA and Contractors to ensure that a good quality of service is received.
  • Estate Walkabouts – you can take part in Estate Walkabouts in your area with the local Community Team, providing an opportunity to identify concerns and agree priorities for improvement.
  • Customer Compliments, Complaints and Feedback – there is an easy to understand leaflet available if you may have a comment, compliment or complaint about any service we provide. 
  • Questionnaires and Satisfaction Surveys – you are invited to take part in service consultations by returning surveys and questionnaires
  • Focus Groups – you can take part in Focus Groups, these are normally short one-off meetings giving the opportunity to discuss a specific topic with us.
  • Tear Off and Tell – our quarterly Newsletter provides information on services and performance and gives the opportunity for you to give us feedback.
  • Road Shows and Information Days – these are organised to give the opportunity to meet with our staff and other Agencies on an informal basis, to give and get advice on services
  • Reading Panel – you can participate from the comfort of your own home by reading a revised policy on services and giving your views.
  • Local Events and Fun Days – where possible SBHA staff will attend Local Events or Fun Days to engage with our Tenants and communities.
  • Digital & Social Media – SBTO and SBHA’s both have websites and Facebook pages to keep Tenants informed with news and information. Computers have also been installed in our offices to support Tenants to access our services.
  • Mystery Shopping – is a method of quality control providing Tenants with the opportunity to evaluate that we provide. Specialist training and support is provided to enable Tenant involvement.

SBTO’s AGM will take place on the 2nd of October, and you are very welcome to come along and find out what’s all about! Watch this space for further details.