Service hours to suit you? Talk to us!

We are pleased to be able to report that our now fully-embedded Solutions Team is making big improvements in Customer Services. In the last quarter of 2017-18, we saw a reduction in the percentage of abandoned calls and the time to answer calls.

We also saw an increase in the percentage of calls being resolved at first point of contact – meaning a more satisfactory experience for Tenants.

The Solutions Team was rolled out in October 2016, to give Customers a one-stop contact point for calling into SBHA.

Now, as part of our drive to continually improve the customer experience, we are launching a consultation on proposals to extend our telephone opening hours. We want to know whether is would be useful to you, our customers, if our phone lines were open for a longer period during the day. Would it be helpful to be able to report a repair at 7.45am? Or make an enquiry at 6pm?

Head of Customer Services Gill Binnie comments: “In the coming months we’ll be running a pilot to gauge the demand for a call-handling service that runs outwith normal working hours. Many people work 9-5, so having the facility to ask us a question or report a repair even just an hour either side of that could make a big difference. We would like to invite people to tell us what they think.”

Let us know – call 01750 724444, or email with your feedback. And look out for further opportunities to have your say on this topic in the coming weeks.