New homes planned for Mossilee

Scottish Borders Housing Association plans to build 5 new affordable homes in Galashiels.

The new 3-bedroom family homes, which would be situated at Mossilee Road, form part of SBHA’s contribution to the Scottish Government’s target of creating 50,000 affordable homes by 2021.  Plans were agreed at a recent meeting of SBHA’s Board of Management, and will be submitted to Scottish Borders Council for approval this winter.

Director of Assets and Property Services Henry Coyle said: “Since SBHA began building homes in 2013 we have delivered 59 fantastic new build homes in Hawick, Earlston and Galashiels and we plan to build another 65 new homes in 9 communities, Borders-wide, over the next three years. Tenants are delighted with their new homes and our customers consistently tell us that we should continue to strive to meet our strategic objectives to ‘Anticipate Opportunities to Develop and Grow’ and ‘Create Great Places to Live.’ ”  SBHA has recently built four new family homes in Torwoodlee Road as well as 10 family homes at Rose Court in Langlee that are nearing completion.  These affordable homes are built to a high standard of energy efficiency.

Work is progressing at Rose Court

“Our housing needs analysis shows that there is considerable demand for affordable housing across the Borders and as buying land is expensive, SBHA is looking to make best use of the land it already owns, as well as considering additional land acquisition opportunities. According to SBHA’s housing register, 115 applicants are currently seeking affordable housing in Galashiels. During 2017/18, we advertised 13 three-bedroom homes for rent in Gala. Having received more than 250 bids for these properties, we know that affordable housing in Gala is in high demand. There are no plans to demolish existing SBHA housing in Galashiels.

Scottish Borders Council has also designated Galashiels as currently having a high level of housing need and has incorporated the Mossilee Road site in its current Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP). This means it has been scored against criteria such as demand, deliverability, strategic fit and equalities impact and it can therefore be considered for grant funding from the Scottish Government.

The site includes garage plots in Mossilee Road and Tenants of the garages have been sent letters to advise them that there are plans to re-acquire the garages. This letter also explains the expected timeframe for development so as to give the garage Tenants as much notice as possible.

Mr Coyle said: “We appreciate that it may be inconvenient for people to make alternative storage arrangements, however we feel that the creation of affordable housing is of paramount importance. Parking provision will be addressed in the planning application and we hope that by informing people affected so far ahead, we can assist them to make alternative arrangements.