Looking for help to find work?

SBHA is about much more than affordable housing. If you need advice about finding a job or training, we can help.

We’re running a free Employability Course at Borders College for our 18-24-year-old tenants. We can also help with travel costs.

The course is part of the Go4It scheme, which assists young people aged 18-24, or tenants who are under threat of redundancy, by providing employability advice.

Our Employability Officer Lita McHale has been helping tenants to secure full and part-time employment or further training since joining SBHA in June 2015, under the Go4It scheme, and is currently looking to register more tenants with the service.

One of the service’s main benefits is that Lita can meet at a time and place that is comfortable for you, whether that be your home, a local café, or your local SBHA office. The information covered is tailored to each individual’s circumstances.

Lita may also be able to offer advice in relation to the employability aspects of Universal Credits and Welfare Benefits.

Lita says: “Being a tenant myself has in my mind helped me to engage with people using our services. I enjoy being able to listen to challenges individual tenants face, as with full understanding of a situation it is easier to move forward and look at available options.”

If you are aged 18-24 and are looking for job or training advice, give Lita a call on 01750 724444, or fill in an online enquiry form here.

If you are an SBHA tenant of any age and are looking for employability advice, we may be able to help. Contact us as before.

Our Employability Officer Lita McHale can help you identify job or training opportunities.
Our Employability Officer Lita McHale can offer advice on jobs or training.