Have you seen this machine?

Our Skyvac has revolutionised gutter cleaning in the Borders, making it quicker, easier and safer not only to clear out gutters, but also to identify any issues with guttering before they start to cause problems.

Contracts Co-ordinator Scott Tomlinson says: “Normally following a spell of heavy snow such as we experienced back at the beginning of March, we would expect to be seeing all sorts of problems with gutters. This year, that hasn’t happened. We believe that this is mainly due to the efforts put into clearing gutters across our patches. Having the Skyvac has meant that we could get around much more quickly.”

We have managed to clean guttering on over 2000 properties in the past year, and now that we have two teams at work, you can expect to have your guttering cleaned every two years. This cleaning also incorporates a full external survey, including roughcasting, chimney stacks and garden paths.

We’re using the information gleaned from these inspections to put together cyclical programmes of preventative work, which helps reduce the number of reactive repairs that are subsequently reported. This plays a big part in helping us to create great places to live.

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