Space-age machine takes gutter cleaning into the future

Sean McGaughey with the new Skyvac, which is making caring for gutters a lot easier

You probably don’t think much about your gutters. As long as they keep doing their job, they’re easy to forget about. But if they become blocked or damaged, they can cause serious problems.

Which is why SBHA have invested in new technology to keep the gutters in our properties clean. Looking something like a cross between R2D2 and a large cylinder vacuum cleaner, the Skyvac can be operated by one person, and thanks to its attachments can be used from the ground to clean gutters up to thirteen metres high.

This means it can cover nearly all of SBHA’s properties, with the operator’s feet planted safely on the ground.

Contracts Co-ordinator Scott Tomlinson explains: “This machine is saving a huge amount of time in cleaning the guttering, and helping us to diagnose problems before they get really serious. One of the Skyvac’s advantages is that, with a camera mounted on the end, it can be used to view gutters and get a visual on any issues.

“The inside of a gutter is out of sight, so people don’t think about them until they block and start to leak, or until they break. By that time, significant damage may have been done to the fabric of a building.

“Because the machine can be operated by one person, it’s also saving a lot of time.

“It’s a real win-win for us.”