Funds available to help improve your estate

What improvements would you like to see happening in your neighbourhood?

At SBHA, our goal is to create great places to live.

That’s why we have made money available to help fund improvements on your estates. Our Estate Improvement Fund and Great Places Fund are all about making the changes that make a difference.

Now we’re looking for your help to decide how the money should be spent.

The funds are available to tackle issues that are not eligible through normal maintenance expenditure: we recently helped to fund a residents’ group in Fisher Avenue in Hawick to set up a community garden, complete with benches and children’s play equipment. Such initiatives are great for bringing a community together, and can make a big difference to the look and feel of an estate.

We want you to tell us how we can make a difference. Why not join your Community Team on an Estate Walkabout to share your ideas, and find out if they could be eligible for funding?. Help us to make things better!