Bye-bye Alex!

It’s our intern’s last day! Alix has spent the last three months with us, working with Tenants to scrutinise our Customer Services Standard.

Alix says:

“I really enjoyed my internship working with the SBTO and SBHA over the summer. I found being given the project a big responsibility and was able to own it from start to finish. I had a lot of organising to do, which could be challenging but rewarding when everything came together and I managed to complete the project on time! I have also gained an insight to social housing and how important it is for landlords and tenants to work together to get best outcomes. I feel that I have gained more confidence in being able to engage with people and work on my own initiative and these are skills which will help me move on in my career”.

Alex is now heading back to study for her Masters degree at Edinburgh University. Best of luck, Alix  – we will miss you.