A reminder of our Pets Policy

At SBHA, we understand that having a pet can have huge benefits for your wellbeing. We also need to make sure that pets don’t disturb neighbours, and that there is adequate space for animals to be cared for in a home.

For these reasons, we ask Tenants to apply to SBHA for written permission to keep a pet. This includes domestic pets, exotic or caged animals, poultry, ducks, pigeons, rabbits, bees or other livestock or breeding animals. This policy also applies where a Tenant wishes to look after an animal for a limited period, for example while a relative is in hospital.

In SBHA flats, only one pet is permitted. Dogs must be kept on a lead in communal areas at all times and not allowed outside the Tenant’s home unaccompanied.

Pets are not allowed to cause noise nuisance, fouling or damage either within the tenancy, their neighbour’s property or the neighbourhood. The Tenant must ensure that any pet faeces or waste is cleaned up immediately. No litter trays are permitted in communal areas.

To read the whole Policy, click here.