You and Your Home

Problems with Neighbours

Every Tenant should be able to enjoy living in their home without nuisance or annoyance from their neighbours. From time to time, a problem may arise between you and your neighbour. These problems may range from excessive noise to harassment.

Our dedicated Anti-Social Behaviour Team are here to help you, and they have produced this guide giving advice on how they can help.

If you are concerned about anti-social behaviour, please contact our Team on 01750 724444 or email

Our team will listen to your concerns, agree with you what action can be taken and ensure you receive appropriate support to deal with the issue.

We recognise that we cannot always solve anti-social behaviour alone, and we have built strong working relationships with our partners including Scottish Borders Council’s Safer Communities Team, Victim Support, Mediation and other agencies to ensure prompt action and to find long term solutions to stop anti-social behaviour.

We may ask you to keep a record of incidents, detailing the nature and time of the anti-social behaviour. This is needed to help us understand the extent of behaviour and helps us to decide what action we can take. This diary can also be used as evidence in court if required.