You and Your Home

Moving home

If you need to move, for whatever reason, we may be able to help you find a new home which better suits your needs.


As an exisiting SBHA Tenant, you may be eligible to apply to move to another SBHA home.

If you want to be considered for rehousing, please register at SBHA HomeChoice, our choice based letting system on which all of our available homes are advertised. For more information, you can view the ‘Homes to Rent’ section of our website.

Mutual Exchange

If you are already an SBHA Tenant and would like to move home, our free Mutual Exchange Scheme could help you.

A mutual exchange is where you effectively ‘swap’ homes with another tenant, giving you control and increasing your chances of finding a home of your choice.  The tenant you swap with can be from another housing association or local authority.

To make it easier for you, SBHA has joined HomeSwapper, the UK’s biggest online mutual exchange scheme.

HomeSwapper can help you find an exchange in the Scottish Borders or anywhere else in the UK and is now free for all SBHA tenants to use.

Simply register online at and HomeSwapper will search for people interested in exchanging with you, and send you an email or text notifying you of homes which meet your requirements.

When you have found someone to exchange with, SBHA must agree to this swap before you move. If the other tenant has a different landlord to you then both tenants need to complete mutual exchange application forms and the other landlord must also agree to the swap.

To find out more about HomeSwapper, click on the link below or download the information leaflet. Alternatively, contact your Local Housing Officer for more details about transfers or mutual exchanges.