Tenant Participation

The Scottish Borders Tenants Organisation (SBTO)


The SBTO is the constituted group of SBHA set up to represent the interests of all SBHA Tenants, and any Tenant of SBHA can seek election to the SBTO committee at their Annual General Meeting held in the autumn of each year.

Their main remit is to seek, represent and take forward Tenants’ views in relation to SBHA’s Policies and Procedures to ensure Tenants get the best possible housing service from their Landlord.

They are provided with a budget from SBHA each year to fund their Tenant Participation activities. Activities include Information Days, Newsletters, the Tenants Calendar on SBHA Services, and working with SBHA staff on projects to improve services to tenants, e.g through the Tenant Satisfaction Survey. This helps them ensure that Tenants’ voices are heard in the delivery of day to day services.

Their Membership is from across the Borders but they have their own office located within SBHA’s Head Office in Selkirk and are supported by Alison Notman, Tenant Participation Manager who they jointly employ with SBHA.

To find out the latest on SBTO activities and consultations, how to join them, or simply to find out more about their work, please contact them on 01750 724490, fill out our online enquiries form, or visit the SBTO website at www.sbto.org.uk.