Tenant Participation

SBHA was “Created by Tenants for Tenants” in 2000 and took over the housing stock of Scottish Borders Council in March 2003 following extensive consultation with all Tenants at that time. SBHA is totally committed to Tenant Participation in its decision making processes and we want to offer you the opportunity to influence our decisions at whatever level you feel comfortable with.

What is Tenant Participation?

Tenant Participation is about you as an SBHA Tenant, getting involved in reviewing how SBHA operates and having a say on key issues that affect the services which SBHA provides to you. It is a two-way process with mutual respect and SBHA will consult with Tenants either individually or through SBTO. You can find a copy of our Tenant Participation Strategy here.

Why get involved?

Hearing from our customers helps us understand and listen to your needs and ensure that tenants influence the services and plans of SBHA. Communicating with a broad range of people living in our homes helps our Board of Management to make decisions and set their priorities.

If you think you would like to become involved in tenant participation then you can email our Tenant Participation Manager, Alison Notman or phone for a chat on 01750 724409, she will be happy to discuss this with you.

There are a range of ways in which you can become involved – please click here to find out more.