Maintaining good quality homes

Is your home insured?

It is SBHA’s responsibility to insure the building but you are responsible for insuring your home’s contents and decoration. SBHA are working in partnership with ‘Thistle Tenant Risks’ to provide tenants with an affordable option for home contents insurance.

A special Home Contents Insurance Service for Scotland’s Tenants

SBHA can help our Tenants obtain home contents insurance easily and at a price that is affordable. While many people often think that nothing will happen to their belongings, sometimes things can go wrong unexpectedly. With a special scheme arranged and administered by Thistle Tenant Risks, SBHA Tenants can protect their belongings and gain peace of mind knowing that if the unexpected happens they have cover.

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For more information, including a Prospectus and Application Form, contact SBHA on 01750 724444 or use our online enquiry form.