Maintaining good quality homes

Investing in your home

SBHA’s investment programme ensures that we provide safe, comfortable homes with modern facilities for all of our Tenants. Several million pounds are spent each year on major projects to replace key elements such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows and central heating in Tenants’ homes.

Our programme is based on a full stock condition survey – this helps us decide which major improvement works are a priority, making sure that the homes in the poorest condition are improved first. In addition to SBHA’s commitment to Tenants, the Scottish Government introduced a new national standard in 2004 which every social landlord (including SBHA) must achieve for all their housing stock by 2015, called the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (or SHQS). For further details on this standard please click here for a Guidance Leaflet.

If you have any questions about planned improvement works, please contact SBHA’s Property Team on 01750 724444, or use our online contact form.

Contractor Standards

We recognise that Improvement Programmes can be disruptive and stressful for Tenants as the overwhelming majority of work takes place while the Tenant is in their home. For this reason we have a clear Customer Care Policy for SBHA Contractors that sets out how our Contractors should plan and carry out the work. Please click here to see our Contractors Code of Conduct.

Home Improvements

Some Tenants choose to carry out improvements to their home at their own expense.  It is essential that permission is requested before carrying out any work in your home beyond basic decoration. Permission should be requested in writing from one of your local Neighbourhood Maintenance Surveyors. In some cases, where Tenants leave a Tenancy and have carried out major work (with permission) they may be entitled to financial compensation for the work done. For more information download the Right to Compensation Scheme leaflet.