Fire safety – what you need to know

We have a range of leaflets available through the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, to provide you with information on how to stay safe.

To reduce the risk of fire in your home, follow the steps below before you go to bed:

  • Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances not designed to be left on overnight.
  • Stub out all cigarettes and always empty ashtrays. Pour water over cigarette ends before putting them in the bin outside.
  • Put fireguards around open fires.  Don’t build up the fire before you go to bed.
  • Switch off portable heaters.
  • Close all doors – it can keep your escape route free from smoke and may stop a fire spreading.
  • Make sure the main door keys are to hand.

You can also arrange a free fire safety home visit  through the SFRS.

See the SFRS website for advice on what to do if a fire breaks out in your home.

If you are in a flat, you can find advice on what to do in an emergency here.

Escape plans – every home should have one! Would your family know what to do if a fire were to break out? Check out this guide and start making your plan today.