Who’s Who

SBHA Board of Management

The Board leads and directs the Association to achieve good outcomes for its Tenants and other service users, setting the Association’s strategic direction. At SBHA, our volunteer Board Members bring a broad range of skills and experience.

A copy of SBHA’s Rules, approved a Special General Meeting on 31st May 2017 can be found here. Our new Governance Arrangements Framework, which includes our Shareholding Membership Policy and Governance Recruitment Policy can be found here.

Current SBHA Board of management


Chairperson – Simon Mountford: Appointed Member  (Date of joining 25th June 2012)

Vice-Chair – David Pye: Elected Member (Date of joining 28th August 2006)


Mr Ian Macdonald:  Elected Member  (Date of joining 18th December 2000)

Ms Angela Sulo:   Elected Member   (Date of joining 20th September 2018)

Mr Allen Tills:  Elected Member   (Date of joining 21st September 2017)

Mr Michael Grieve:  Elected Member   (Date of joining 16th September 2013)

Mr Robin Hill:  Elected Member   (Date of joining 21st September 2016)

Mr Ian McDonald:  Appointed Member   (Date of joining 20th October 2017)

Mr Andrew Limmer:  Appointed Member (Date of joining 20th October 2017)

Ms Phillipa Brosnan: Appointed Member (Date of joining 28th March 2019)

Mr Michael Levack: Appointed Member  (Date of joining 30th May 2019)


Shareholding Membership


If you are interested in becoming a shareholder, more information can be found here, or please contact SBHA’s Head Office on 01750 724444, use our online contact form.